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Prior to becoming a full time yoga teacher, Abbie Chapman spent ten+ years working in the corporate world in IT consulting. With a business and consulting background, she brings in a strong understanding of corporations and the wellness needs of their employees. Abbie knows all to well the stress and anxiety that can occur with deadlines, competing priorities, and maintaining a balance between work and home.  She has developed an appreciation for the factors that influence workplace morale and understands the types of concerns people have with taking an hour out of their day. As a certified yoga instructor she knows those area's of the body that need a good stretch after sitting at a desk for extended periods of time. Abbie started Now+Zen Yoga with the mission of bringing yoga to the workplace to improve physical and mental well being which will in turn deliver enhanced productivity, improved workplace satisfaction and problem solving skills. 

Now and Zen Yoga also provides private yoga for special events such as retreats, team building, corporate meetings, and personal occasions such as birthday parties and friend's weekends.

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