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why yoga?

Yoga is a simple and cost effective way to promote physical

activity and improve mental health. It demonstrates leadership

in making employee wellness a priority in your business.

                   If you want to increase your strength, improve your

                             stability,  practice patience, learn to ‘let go’, reduce 

                               stress, develop  awareness, reduce pain, sleep

                                 better or nurture a relationship with yourself,                                           then you should definitely be doing yoga!

               For every $1 invested 

              in workplace wellness, 

            a company can expect 

           $3 in cost savings or                      benefits.

                  (U. of Michigan Research Center)

      Create inner space in any place

Evidence shows that when yoga is practiced at work, the physical, emotional and mental tension reducing techniques are immediately transferred to the workplace. Employees will experience an increase in their ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations

and have greater energy and enthusiasm for their work. With healthy practices in the workplace, you increase productivity, lower absenteeism, decrease employee benefit costs, and increase your desirability to potential employees.

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