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Valere began her professional career as an art teacher. Then switched gears to sales and for the past 17 years has been working as a residential real estate agent. In 1992 she took her first yoga class and it truly changed her life. She practiced many different styles of yoga. Then, in 2009 Valere decided to dive deeper into her practice by studying Ashtanga yoga with Dave Oliver and his inspirational team. She enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow and uses the alignment principles she has learned from her teacher training, and from years of practicing with Anusara instructors. She customizes her classes to her student’s level and specific needs. Valere believes yoga is a way to strengthen and control the body while calming the mind, and she wants to share that experience with her students. She has found when practicing regularly, one gains inner peace and self-awareness on the mat that stays with you when off your mat.

Valere Schlesinger

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